Susan W.

I've been working with Lisa and her team for the past nine months. We had purchased a furnished model home in Naples and after living there seasonally for a couple years, I was ready to change it up, to make the house feel like a home. OUR home. The challenge was how to make that happen while working on it remotely from my rural New York State home. 

Nine months might seem like a long time for a project that's not a complete remodel, but being able to take the time I needed when I needed it and not feel pressured to make decisions, was huge for me. Who says long distance relationships don't work? The project has progressed as seamlessly as if I were in Naples full time.

Lisa is so very friendly, endlessly talented and a great listener; working with her has been a joy. I have MY house, not Lisa's idea of what my house should look like. Through the entire process I have felt valued and respected, more like a friend than a client. I have to give a big shout out to Lisa's assistant, Amanda, whose communication related to product selection, scheduling, billing, taking and sending progress photos -- all those critical support functions -- has been nothing short of amazing.

During our first meeting with LMG Design Consulting demonstrated an immediate understanding of the outcome we were looking for. It was obvious that they were an experienced team, and one we could rely on to make great progress even while we weren’t there over the summer. Our ultimate goal was to have the home ready for the upcoming winter season, something we never could have done on our own.

The process was fluid with tremendous communication through phone calls, FaceTime meetings and lots of email and photographs. Options with pricing were presented throughout and nothing went forward without our approval.

In our situation, partnering with an interior design firm with broad selections to choose from was the best decision we could have made.  Finding such a firm that shared our vision, with great customer focus and a sense of urgency was most critical. LMG Design Consulting have exceeded our expectations, and we managed to have a lot of fun and make lifelong friends along the way too.

Jeff & Sue C.

I worked with Lisa and Amanda after I made a mess of decorating my living room. The furniture as well as the colors did not work. Lisa came in and made it all so easy. I love the paint color, the furniture and accessories she picked out. She was spot on - and best of all my husband loves it!

Lisa kept me informed every step of the way, stayed within my budget and was always on time for every appointment. 

Her delivery and setup team were also remarkable. Very professional and precise as they transformed my room into a very pretty, calming and functional space to entertain.

LMG is the Best!

Gloria C.

Karen V.

I have had the pleasure of working with LMG Design Consulting, on our latest project, which is building a vacation home, in Naples Florida.

Lisa and I hit it off right away from the start. After our first phone conversation, I knew I found the right person for our project.

Once, we determined our "budget" which is right on target, Lisa and her team were able to move forward designing our beautiful home. Professional, talented, fun, creative, dependable, available are just a few words to describe Lisa. She took the time to carefully listen to our wants and needs and took it to a whole new level. Her overall design concept is outstanding.

Lisa and I will be friends, long after our business venture comes to a close.

Collaborating with LMG Design Consulting on a recent remodel resulted in a beautiful project and very happy home owners. The design team at LMG has an eye for detail and a thirst for knowledge when it comes to staying ahead of the latest trends in the decorative plumbing industry.

It is always a pleasure working with designers that genuinely understand the importance of the marriage between form and function!

Naples Plumbing Studio 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our renovation with LMG Design. The vision has been spot on, and we have had a lot of fun in the process. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered during the transformation of our home!

We have worked with a number of designers and Lisa is honest, transparent and she’s an expert at what she does.

Susan B.

Karen K.

My building experience wouldn’t have been the same without LMG Design. Lisa and her team were not only able to see our vision for our new home, but gave us great ideas that we would never have been able to think of ourselves.

The final reveal of the house on move in day brought my husband, daughter and I to tears. A moment we will never forget!!! We can’t imagine doing any future projects without the help of Lisa at the helm!

Ivette S. 

The LMG Design Team helped my husband and I design a new home in Naples, FL. Lisa comes with an invaluable background in design. She is a good listener. She took our ideas and improved on them.

As a team, Lisa and Amanda compliment each other, provide a lots of ideas, and helped us have fun with the numerous decisions during the project. 

We cannot imagine going through this process without their services.  We trusted their suggestions and are very happy with the results.  We highly recommend them and will not hesitate on using their services again on future projects.

Pete L.

Last week we finished the renovation of our home, following unpredictable and devastating water damage. Thanks to Lisa, Amanda and LMG Design, we emerged better than before -  beautiful design, comfortable result and wonderful process.

This was the third time we had the pleasure to work with them. They are not only most capable, but take the time to understand our taste, stay within budget, and do wonderful work. They turned an unfortunate situation into a pleasurable experience and an outstanding result. They turned lemon into lemonade, and the taste is very sweet!!